Southport Children's A&E

Southport Hospital needs a Children’s A&E. The children and families of our town deserve to be supported with the highest level of healthcare, 24/7.‍

Southport lost its Children’s A&E department in 2003 under a Liberal Democrat MP and Labour Government, following a re-calibration of hospital services in the town. During the pandemic, the Children's A&E in Ormskirk stopped providing a 24-hour service, meaning that each day a child who requires urgent medical care between midnight and 8am is forced to travel to Liverpool - a drive which can take almost an hour.

I am fighting to see the return of a full Children’s A&E service in Southport, to ensure that children who need emergency care can access it within our town. I can confirm that ministers are pushing for a review of the case for a new Children’s A&E within Southport, following almost two decades without the crucial service. 

We need to strengthen our case by demonstrating public support for this campaign, which is why I have set up a petition for Southport residents to sign. So register your support today, share this petition with friends and family, and together we will pursue the return of a full Children’s A&E service in Southport.

Sign the petition